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About Wonderland

Wonderland was established in 2006 by ambitious and caring family. The owners Betty and Phil  have invested their energy, time, effort, love and financial resources to make Wonderland a true wonderland for children, families, and educators.

Having been in the industry for 10 years the centre has seen quite a change. In 2014 major renovations took place and centre expanded to welcome 77 children per day. Now Wonderland has turned into a melting pot of cultures where families can come together and feel included and welcomed no matter the cultural background or language being spoken at their homes. Child rearing practices of individual families are respected and incorporated in our everyday routines.

Wonderland educators come from four different continents and contributes to the multicultural experiences provided at the Wonderland by collectively speaking 20 different languages. It comes in really handy when your little one is just starting their journey with us and might feel unsettled at the  beginning.

Families have the opportunity to participate in Wonderland’s community events throughout the year. This is a chance for all of us to come together and enjoy performances by children, and share their joy and excitement.

  • Accredited Kinder program (4-5 years) – delivered by a Qualified Teacher Nermin
  • Childcare for children 0-3 years
  • Eligible families receive CCB, CCR, JET support
  • Open from 7AM-6:30PM
  • Closed on weekends and public holidays only
  • School readiness program for Kinder group
  • Balanced, nutritious, and diverse seasonal menu
  • Additional curricular programs included in the fees
  • Nappies and food included in the fees