2019/20 Fees and Charges

(Effective from July 1, 2019)

To Enrol:  https://www.qkenhanced.com.au/Account/Embeddable/?databaseId=4703

All fees and charges are subject to review twice a year on July 1 and Jan 1.

Enrolment Fee            $30/child

                                Deposit            two week full fees 

Full Daily Fee before Childcare Benefit and Childcare Rebate

Minimum two day per week booking 

Under 3 years old
Part Time
$121Per Day

Part Time

1 Day -$ 121

2 Days-$ 242

3 Days-$ 363

4 Days-$ 484

Under 3 years old
Full Time
$114Per Day

Full Time

5 Days-$ 570

Over 3 years old
Part Time
$115Per Day

Part Time

1 Day -$ 115

2 Days-$ 230

3 Days-$ 345

4 Days-$ 460

Over 3 years old
Full Time
$109Per Day

Full Time

5 Days-$ 545

Click here for Assistance with Childcare Fees from the Australia government.

* Centre opening hours: 7:00am – 6:30pm, Monday – Friday, all year round including all school term breaks and summer holidays but we are close during all public holidays

* Above fees are ALL inclusive of nappies and food, external education programs of Hey Dee Ho, Sports 4 Kinders, etc.

*A minimum of two weeks notice or payment in lieu is required for all termination or changes of booked days.
* Above fees are full fees only and will be reduced by claiming Childcare Subsidy

* All booked days are chargeable including public holidays and children sick days.

* Please refer to Parents Handbook for full details on Centre policy and Procedures.

*Minimum two days per week booking required to allow children  benefiting from the learning program and help children building sense of belonging.

Link: Child Care Assistance