Approved Kinder program

Our Kinder program is delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher Sherryl.

Sherryl’s philosophy:

I have been involved in the early childhood education sector for over fifteen years, including overseas work experience stretching to nearly five years. I completed my Bachelor of Early Childhood education in 2013 and I am a registered teacher in Australia.

My philosophy in a simple form is to provide enjoyable, rich and innovative learning experiences to the children in a structured learning environment to foster physical, psychological and intellectual development in the children.

The Kinder program will be play based but I do not believe that acquiring all important skills will occur naturally through play alone. Therefore, my program among many other areas also has intentional teaching activities specifically targeting literacy, numeracy, communication, art, music and improving the connectedness to the outside world. To achieve this, I do not convert the kinder into a classroom environment but I will introduce structured learning activities with appropriate teaching strategies aim at promoting willing participation.

In addition to the kinder program, I will concurrently introduce school readiness program to ensure that your child is equipped with important skills that will assist to make great start when stepping into primary education. Each child is unique. I do not believe that ‘one size fits all’ approach is beneficial and my program will be customised to the needs of each child. Therefore, I assure you that the needs of your child will get personalised attention.

Positive working relationships with the family members is an important element in my approach and I have witnessed the beneficial influence the parent-teacher relationships have on the development of children. Therefore, parents input in the form of proposals or suggestions to further improve the kinder program will be appreciated and together we can make a difference to your child.

It is with great enthusiasm that I look forward to work with your kinder family.