Enrolment of your child at Wonderland will start by having a centre tour first. You will be able to see what we offer, see our classrooms and spacious playground and talk to our friendly staff.

Together we will establish what are the needs for your child in terms of days and starting time and we will be able to advise you on the starting time.

Once decided to enrol with us, you will be required to return a fully filled out enrolment form, including immunisation record of your child. Upon returning of the enrolment form families will need to pay an enrolment fee and a deposit to hold the vacancy for your family. Until all required paperwork is returned to us, vacancy will be considered open for anyone to take. Generally vacancies will be held for up to two months only.

Priority of access: our centre follows the priority of access guidelines. More about it in the link:


Before starting your child’s journey at Wonderland we want to ensure your child is familiar with the new place and new faces around them. We invite your child to join you for the initial centre tour.
When the enrolment is confirmed, we will organise two orientation times for your child to ease the settling in process. Even if your child has attended childcare or kinder before we recommend the orientation time first as it is a new world for the little person and it can be a confusing experience.

Parents Handbook

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